Warhammer Bundle Values

Games Workshop seems to have rediscovered the value in volume sales.

After being fairly roundly criticized for offering no discount whatever--and therefore no incentive to buy--on product bundles for their recent Apocalypse relaunch (especially when Forgeworld WAS doing so), their new large holiday bundles for 2013 represent notable value: the Space Marine Stormwing, for example, offers a Stormraven and two Stormtalon escorts, retail US$82.50 and $45.50 respectively for a total of $173.50, at the bundle price of $140.

There are a number of these bundles (including a couple Fantasy Battle themed); the Tempestus Firebase has my event moderator's eye: an Aquila Strongpoint ($115), an Imperial Defense Emplacement ($29.75), a Vengeance Battery ($50) and two Firestorm Redoubts ($65 each), retail $324.75, bundled for $250. That is a helluva table to battle over at a real discount.

Very welcome philosophy change, GW.