The Gorgon Primarch

Forge World renders Ferrus Manus, Primarch of the Iron Hands, their finest character sculpt yet, I believe:

Although the corporate 'back story' making it essentially a necessity that GW produce models of their Primarchs is well-known in the hobby community by now, to this point I've largely regretted it: I haven't been impressed enough with the physical realizations of these legendary characters to be happy. Ferrus Manus changes that--and not just because I have fielded an Iron Hands army in past myself (one could argue that makes my expectations higher): from the face to the pose to the wealth of detail, this model makes more of what I had imagined of the Emperor's technologically-oriented son, rather than diminish him.

Worth £55/$80+? Hard for me to even consider. But the asking price doesn't diminish the artistry; this is beautifully-done wargaming modelry.